Our clients remind us that the immediate and ongoing support we provide to them, ultimately reducing their overall cost and liability, is most beneficial to them.

They also state they have peace of mind when NPI is engaged in the process, knowing everything will be handled correctly for them.

Our process is all inclusive and flexible and NPI will accommodate all types of productions – union and non-union, any state, any circumstance, allowing you to focus on your production rather than concerning yourself with the liability of labor laws, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation insurance, union contributions, reporting, payment and deductions, W-2 reporting, unemployment claims, injury claims, and auditing.

Additionally, the expertise of our staff and our “hand hold” approach means our client is not “a number” – we know who you are when you call us!

Ultimately, our clients have seen a reduction in their overall liability, time and cost and they view NPI as a vital part of their overall production support system.

NPI Entertainment Payroll Difference

So, what really makes NPI different?

At NPI our mission is “100% customer satisfaction with 100% accuracy through ethical and professional  business practices”.

This means getting it right for you the first time, every time. You will receive service that is above and beyond  industry standards for all areas of your payroll.

Entertainment Payroll, Inc.

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