All you will need to do is provide NPI with time cards and individual payroll information for each employee, make payment to NPI and you are done - NPI does the rest!

The basic ‘employer of record’ services at NPI include:

- Processing Payroll for your production talent, crew, set up workers, temporary workers and staff

- Calculating your talent and crew hours and overtime meal breaks, premium pay and penalties, and agents pay

- Filing your federal and state payroll taxes, and handling quarterlies and end of year reporting.   Federal and State quarterly and annual tax liabilities are reported and filed under our tax identification numbers including submittal of annual W2’s to Social Security Administration and to the employees

-Providing unemployment insurance, administering the policies and audits, and handling any claims (all of which are not filed against you)

- Providing workers’ compensation insurance, administering the policies and audits, and handling any claims (all of which are not filed against you)

- Administering, processing, paying and tracking all of your union pension, health, welfare and dues contributions

Employer of Record Services

To lower your liability and to create better efficiency for your production, you will want to hire an entertainment payroll company that offers employer of record services.

For you, a basic definition of “Employer of Record Services” is:  I don’t have to file the payroll taxes, my liability is zero, I don’t have to produce W2’s, if there is an issue with a check I don’t have to do anything, if I am working with a union I don't have to worry about anything, NPI will handle all pension, health welfare and dues; final cast lists reporting and payments .

Additionally, NPI will handle unemployment issues and workers’ compensation issues.  Unemployment issues and workers’ compensation issues are no longer your concern, nor are you liable.

- If you are producing an independent film, your final cast list is automatically generated for you once production has wrapped

- NPI will process any residual payments due to actors when your film is picked up for the distribution

- NPI is affiliated with highly qualified labor attorneys who provide consulting to NPI on your behalf (and at no cost to you, should the need arise)

- Direct deposit is free to you and encouraged, especially for touring productions.  NPI banks at a national bank so cashing of payroll checks is not an issue

- NPI will file pension and health for any actor paid via escrow

- Handle any labor law and union related questions on your behalf

- You will receive an itemized invoice detailing each employee’s gross wages, pension and health contributions, total tax burden fee and our administration fee for each pay period, for each union, and on a per project basis 

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