and what is important to you.  Are you just looking for someone to cut the checks (check cutting service, accountant, or in-house payroll dept) and you yourselves will retain the liability for the labor laws surrounding your payroll processing, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and pension reporting  etc, or are you looking for the removal of your liability and to pass that liability over to a paymaster (like NPI) by way of our “employer of record service” for labor laws surrounding your payroll processing, payroll taxes, workers’ compensation, unemployment insurance and pension reporting? All of these determine what system your production would choose –whether a paymaster (like NPI), or a pay check cutting service, accountant, or in-house payroll dept.

The service NPI offers is for all size productions.  Generally any production regardless of size will see a cost effective benefit in using NPI because typically production resources are limited in the area of payroll processing and tax filings and if you lack the expertise in applicable federal and state labor laws, union contracts processing and payment, tax processing and submissions, workers compensation claims and audits, unemployment claims and audits and W2 processing, you are more likely to find yourself owing tax or union penalties, dragged into the middle of an IRS audit or worse, a law suit.

Why Choose a Paymaster?

Why Choose a Paymaster like NPI?

Are you not certain if a paymaster like NPI is right for you?  Continue reading to understand the benefits of using NPI over a basic check cutting service or handling payroll in-house.

The role NPI takes for productions is a little different.  A production would use an outsourced payroll company for different reasons and it really depends on you, your resources,

Entertainment Payroll, Inc.

The releasing of your liability is enough of a reason for any production to utilize the “employer of record service” NPI offers since an experienced paymaster like NPI provides expertise in all of these areas AND also retains the liability.  Many productions will call NPI after attempting to process payroll themselves and the first question is “I tried to do this myself and I need help.  Can you help me?”  Of course we can help, and we do!!

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The most striking benefit NPI offers to our clients is the immediate and ongoing support we provide to you. This support ultimately reduces your overall cost and liability and is considered the most beneficial.  NPI also offers you complete peace of mind – you are comfortable knowing that NPI is part of the process since you know everything will be handled correctly for you.

Our process is all inclusive and flexible and NPI will accommodate all types of productions – union and non union, any state, any circumstance, allowing you to focus on your project rather than concerning yourselves with the liability of learning labor laws, workers’ compensation insurance, union contributions, reporting, payment and deductions, W-2 reporting, unemployment claims, injury claims, and auditing.

Additionally, the expertise of our staff and our “hand hold” approach means you are not “a number” – we know who you are when you call us!

Our clients have seen a reduction in their overall liability, time and cost and they view NPI as a vital part of their overall production support system.   Bottom line, you need to figure out where your strengths and weaknesses are with regards to your accounting and payroll systems in order to make the most cost effective decision for your circumstance.  NPI is there to help you through this process!

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